Our Foundation

Heal through the music

How the entity helps:

Through the opportunities of studies, concerts and fundraising events to benefit needy causes, Carreño Foundation seeks to awaken in society the love of music, create values ​​such as solidarity, responsibility, teamwork, honesty, discipline, leadership and commitment, with the aim of changing the lives of their beneficiaries forever, and achieve the integration of society to achieve this cause together.


Carreño Foundation achieves its objectives by making its benefits reach society through different modalities

  1. Scholarships for music classes with qualified personnel, aimed at children, youth and adults who do not have the financial resources to continue with their preparation or start an outstanding career in the competitive world of music.
  2. Through the granting of a musical instrument in which the beneficiary stands out so that he can continue his improvement in its execution.
  3. Full scholarships for music lessons, in conjunction with the granting of the musical instrument. In this way the beneficiary can start their studies in a qualified manner and also be able to acquire the instrument for execution at a personal and work level.
  4. Performing orchestral events, concerts, fundraising music fairs for the benefit of people or communities that need to be helped in the field of health, nutrition and education nationally and internationally.