Carreño Foundation

Carreño Foundation is a non-profit organization designed primarily to benefit children, youth and adults, with an emphasis on children with special needs, who do not have the resources to obtain a musical instrument or to receive highly qualified professional training in the field of music.

Our Foundation

Carreño Foundation has social welfare as its central objective.

Our Mission

Carreño Foundation’s mission is to provide the community with more opportunities to learn and grow in the world of music.

Our mission is to promote the interaction between children enrolled in curriculum for children with especial needs and children enrolled in regular musical curriculums with the objective of enriching both groups’ lives promoting tolerance, compassion and respect of each other’s differences.

To provide safe and adequate spaces where children and adults may learn and perform artistic activities; To provide adequate equipment to children and adults so they can develop their musical and artistic abilities; To provide a safe environment where children can develop their musical talents guided by professional instructors; To promote and finance the participation of groups including but not limited to, chorus, symphonic orchestra; and classical guitar group, to high performance competitions and educational activities; To provide music therapy to promote wellness, manage stress, express feelings, enhance memory, improve cognitive development and promote physical rehabilitation for children and adults.

Our view

Carreño Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to be recognized for the impact of its learning opportunities, support, and growth in the well-being and development of children, youth and adults that require a helping hand to heal through music, to grow professionally and to effectively integrate into the community thanks to music.

Carreño Foundation’s fundamental values ​​are respect, commitment, transparency, teamwork, solidarity, confidence in change, excellence, optimism and quality. Demonstrating integrity, professionalism and commitment in all its actions.

Through the opportunities of studies, concerts and fundraising events to benefit needy causes, Carreño Foundation seeks to awaken in society the love of music, create values ​​such as solidarity, responsibility, teamwork, honesty, discipline, leadership and commitment, with the aim of changing the lives of their beneficiaries forever, and achieve the integration of society to achieve this cause together.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

Ludwig van Beethoven